Farewell Brother!

Last night was Michael’s last show with us and it was a very emotional day indeed. The crowd were unreal and started chanting his name when the news was broken, so a HUGE thank you for that, you made it the perfect send off.

We also played some new stuff which was received fantastically, so we’re excited to release the new album for the rest of you to hear. Also thank you to SKYCLAD and CRUACHAN for such great shows all round, especially to CruachanKeith for pulling the whole thing together for their 25th anniversary. You did your self and the band very proud.

Sad News

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce my departure from Waylander. Due to a new career path I am unable to continue to give 100% commitment to the band.

The last 23years have been a crazy old ride!! Lots of highs, & yes, a fair few lows but it’s always been a hell of a lot of craic!!

Recording Drums

You’ve probably realised that we’re recording drums this weekend. Took a while last night to re-skin, tune and mic the kit, but recording starts today. So if anyone has any specific questions about recording or drum tech, ask below and we’ll try and answer it as best we can.